The influencer and motivational speaker Ahmad Kharrat known as AK has launched his first public speaking event in Dubai UAE at the Address Boulevard Hotel on the 5th of September 2022, under the title “UPGRADE YOUR MINDSET WITH AK”.

AK highlighted in his event how important it is for success to have a strong mindset and the importance to upgrade our mindsets in order to adapt ourselves to today’s knowledge, skills and technology.

AK mentioned that our mindsets, just like smarts phones need to be updated. He explains that our mental software requires improvement, but at one point the update will no longer be useful and at that time we need to shift from the update to upgrade if we want to have strong mindset. AK used the smart phones as example by mentioning that:

“When the phone companies will launch a completely new phone at that time the update will no longer be useful for the old phone because the new phone camera will be much higher quality and resolution, the performance of the phone will be much faster than the old phone and the memory of the new phone will be much bigger than the old phone. That’s why if we want a satisfying experience in the performance of the phone, we don’t just need an update, we need to upgrade.

Similarly, our mindset is the same thing. We need to keep updating our mindset with information, skills, and technology but at one point the update will not be useful to us because we used all the resources around us, the same people same information for the last 10 years. At that time, we need to shift from update to upgrade by having new people around us, learning new things from them, even if we must invest in ourselves to learn. It is important to have a new people in our life in order to be able to upgrade our mindset.”

AK kicked off his program “UPGRADE YOUR MINDSET WITH AK” by saying his famous quote: “Either you program your mindset to success, or your mindset will program you to fail”. He highlighted that there are so many facts we all know but not all of us follow, for example:

  • ⁃                  Eating healthy food gives us good health.
  • Working out gives us good energy and a good body shape.
  • Good education gives us good result.
  • Hard work pays off.  

 AK asked the audience why they think people don’t follow facts they already know. His answer was “Simply, it is difficult to implement because everything is difficult that we overcome in life will highlight our successes from the successes of others. The real difference between ordinary people, and extraordinary people is that they do the hard things in the hard way to have different result than the others. But it is not impossible to implement all those habits of success if we have a strong mindset.”

AK told the audience to never forget his quote which will always help them to improve themselves: “If you don’t have time to develop yourself, that means you’re not on your priority list.”

He also explained the definition of mindset by saying that: Our mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how we make sense of the world and ourselves. Our mindset influences how we think, feel, and how we behave in any given situation. That’s why it is important to understand the power of our mindset. We will be able to contribute more successes to our lives. AK highlighted that in his opinion there are so many ways to change your mindset but, in his career, and mindset transformation he believes it is very important to know these two types, because it will help people to understand and improve their mindset in very fast way. AK spoke about:

1- Fixed mindset: AK mentioned that “People with fixed mindset believe that their abilities are fixed and cannot be changed. They also believe that their talents and intelligence alone lead them to success, and effort is not required”.

2- Growth mindset: AK mentioned that “People with a growth mindset believe that their abilities and talents can be developed over time through practice, effort and perseverance”. AK thinks that usually, people with growth mindset are the most successful people because they are always hungry to evolve, to learn and to succeed.

AK presented some vivid examples to the audience to show them the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset, as he stated that he couldn’t change his life until he changed his mindset from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

He mentioned to the audience that he discovered from his life experience seven words that will form the MINDSET word in AK way. He guaranteed to everyone if they follow those seven words one hundred percent, they will have a strong mindset that will help them to accomplish more success in their lives.

AK mentioned that according to the AK way and his tough experience in life, the below words were formed into the MINDSET acronym, and he want to share it with others because it will bring to them more success in their lives:

1- Mentality 2- Independent 3- Never give up 4- Dedication 5- Success 6- Earn 7- Time.

After explaining the definition of each word and giving examples from his personal life experience, AK put the seven words into one sentence to summarize his lecture by saying that:

All you need to have a strong mindset to contribute more success in your life is to be a: Mentally strong, Independent person, who Never gives up and is highly Dedicated to success, always learning how to Earn more, in order to have the luxury of Time to spend with yourself and loved ones.

At the end of the event, AK said his powerful quote: “Your mindset, your skills, and yourself confidence are the weapons to win the battle of success in life, so make sure your armory is loaded and not empty”.

AK ended his event by announcing his next two events by saying that: ‘Because your mindset, skills and self-confidence are your weapons to win the battle of success in life, he customized three trainings that will help others to change their mindset and have a very strong ability to succeed in life. AK will be announcing the event day and location soon on his Instagram page: @AK_MINUTE2MOTIV8 and the three events will be under title:

1- Upgrade your mindset with AK which was done in Dubai.

2- Upgrade your skills with AK which will announce date and location soon.

3- Upgrade your self-confidence with AK which will announce the date and location soon.

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