Sand Restaurant upgrades breakfast menu, introduces Georgian cuisine

Sand Restaurant upgrades breakfast menu, introduces Georgian cuisine

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates – October 11 – Those cheesy, juicy, buttery bread boats with floating yolks have arrived in Sharjah. Sand, the stylish Middle Eastern eatery at City Center Al Zahia, is all set to magically balance the delicious contrasts and contradictions of the Georgian stuffed bread.

From Georgian beef soup and Georgian salad to molten cheese bread, Georgian cuisine is a cradle of gastronomic diversity. Varied and homey, it’s the best comfort food in the world. The combined flavors from the Mediterranean, Turkey and the Middle East make it incredibly tasty and sapid.

At Sand, the new breakfast menu focuses on the different versions of the ubiquitous Georgian dish ‘Khachapuri’. One is – the warm soft flat bread with truffles mushroom and poached egg. There is Khachapuri with poached egg and veal bacon and another with scrambled egg and prawns.

Then there is the traditional Khachapuri Adzharian. This ‘canoe-shaped’ version filled with cheese and butter and egg yolk in its hollowed center is one of the most famous breads of Georgian cuisine. One of the most amazing cold servings includes Satsivi – walnut sauce.

Championing the culinary essence of traditional Georgian cuisine, Sand resonates the hospitality and warmth that underlines Georgian culture. Behind its culinary spunk is the team’s attention to detail and dedication to craft too.

If you are wondering what to have for breakfast next, tuck into Sand to savour this scrummy meal and relish that extra cheese pull.

Open daily from 10 AM till late. For more information or reservation, please call +971 52 566 9658. Follow Instagram


About Sand restaurant

In City Centre Al Zahia, Sand offers Middle Eastern cuisine, showcasing eclectic Emirati, Arabian, Uzbek, Moroccan and Georgian culinary delights and dishes in a chic and modern setting.

Sand is owned by Mr. Aleksandr Orlov, Co-Founder of a Dubai-based leading hospitality company Bulldozer Group, the company behind Gaia, Shanghai Me, Cipriani, and Scalini.

Established in 2011, the group specializes in bringing internationally renowned premium and casual restaurant brands to the UAE. 

The group’s footprints span the Middle East, USA, Hong Kong, and Kazakhstan with a portfolio of the most recognizable and successful restaurant brands.

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