Two International Sports Stars Launch Life Changing Products in Dubai

Two International Sports Stars Launch Life Changing Products in Dubai

Dubai, October 12, 2022: AirPhysio and Better Breathing Sport have partnered with Australian football legend Tim Cahill and former dashing fast bowler Brett Lee to perform a launch in Dubai for both people with respiratory conditions as well as sporting professionals.

After expanding from 5 countries to over 100 in the past two years and helping over half a million people to improve their quality of life, AirPhysio and Better Breathing Sport will now become available in the UAE and GCC countries.

Both products use mechanical processes to help clean and improve breathing to help people to breathe easier, improve health and wellness and sporting performance.

Paul O’Brien, Global CEO of the AirPhysio and Better Breathing Group, said: “This is truly a prestigious occasion and we feel truly privileged to have two amazing sporting professionals who have partnered with our company.”

AirPhysio is also working with the University of Sharjah in the UAE for a clinical trial for helping long COVID patients.

Paul O’Brien added: “We are also working with MGM College of Physical Therapy in Mumbai for a clinical trial for people who have survived ventilator conditions.”

AirPhysio attended Arab Health 2022 and Expo 2020 Dubai in January this year, gaining over 75 leads from 25 countries and then revisited Dubai two months ago to have further meetings with relevant potential distributors for both products.

“We have seen some amazing reviews and results from people using our products for both sports and respiratory conditions and we want to see how our products can help make a bigger impact in the UAE,” said Paul O’Brien.

AirPhysio has received International Best Product awards in China, New South Wales, Australia, Australian Export awards and the AIBCA – SME of the Year Award for 2022.

They work with Investment New South Wales and Austrade, and have been selected for a number of case studies in India and the Middle East for their success and passion for their helping people and communities.

Better Breathing is a sporting performance product which is helping improve sporting results for elite athletes including one of India’s elite swimming champions.


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