HONOR Elevates the Customer Experience with a Host of HONOR Services

HONOR Elevates the Customer Experience with a Host of HONOR Services

Taking another step forward towards providing the best customer care experience to users in the UAE, HONOR brought a wide array of services that focused on enhancing the customer’s and post-sale experience including HONOR Cloud Services and HONOR Service Center. HONOR Cloud Services provide HONOR smartphone users with an impressive digital life experience with multiple features including App Market, Game Center, HONOR Themes and HONOR Search. Consumer Cloud Services also carefully prepared plenty of benefits for users who purchase the HONOR 70 5G, including in-game benefits via the Game Center, stunning free themes and wallpapers from HONOR Themes, and shopping vouchers from HONOR App Market.

Additionally, to enhance customer service in UAE, HONOR recently inaugurated a service and repair center in partnership with PEDIGRI Technologies and will soon be launching one more repair center in the region. Keeping consumer convenience as top priority, HONOR, with the Service & Repair store offers a one-stop solution to fit all their needs.

The company continues to push the boundaries of customer service, delivering a human-centric experience that surpasses customer expectations and empowers users to elevate their lives through technology. Focusing on customers who prefer online connect & service, HONOR Support helps them reach out to the service team virtually and get instant support.

Furthermore, to ensure consistency manufacturing quality, HONOR continues to invest resources in key customized components, models, and manufacture factories, and independently develops and uses automated equipment and procedures. This enables HONOR to achieve a “smart manufacturing”, and high quality and consistency across its entire product line. HONOR strives to provide the best-in-class user experience for users all around the world.

Increase Excitement with HONOR Game Center

HONOR Game Center is a place where you can access all-new and trendy games, download, install and update easily. Also, you can also enjoy exclusive game bundles, vouchers and offers when playing the games.

Customize Your Smartphone Your Way with HONOR Themes

HONOR Themes is a pre-installed application that provides tens of thousands of rich and customizable themes, fonts, icons, always-on-display, wallpapers and more allowing users to create a customized look for their smartphones with elegant designs and artistic touch. With HONOR Themes, users can find interactive effects and with help of effect engine & development tools, designers can apply various effects and ideas with ease.

HONOR Search, Your Gateway to Almost Everything

HONOR Search brings a reimagined searching experience by offering a smart tool to find virtually anything you are looking for from news, videos, applications, shopping, and services. It recommends common applications based on user’s habits without wasting their time in searching. HONOR Search keeps the history records of the search, and it can be cleared by one tap.

Discover New Ways of Efficiency with HONOR Push

HONOR Push is a messaging service provided by HONOR. By integrating HONOR Push, developers can send messages of their applications on user devices in real time. HONOR Push consists of four main parts. Firstly, it provides security and stability as the messages are encrypted in the whole process and delivered in a timely manner. Additionally, HONOR Push ensures a high delivery rate, as messages can be sent and displayed on the device while the application is not active. Moreover, this service helps developers to effectively track the message’s delivery status as it gives real-time receipt. Users also can personalize the message style, as they can find various texting, icons, pictures and display styles to choose from.

HONOR App Market

HONOR App Market is your ideal spot to find all your favorite applications. Search, find, download and enjoy from a wide range of exciting applications from different categories ranges from games, health, entertainment, educational, travel, and much more. Additionally, users can access fun-loaded activities and lucky draws. You can always find popular apps and interesting games.

A New View on Health with HONOR Health

Keep your health on track with the assistance of HONOR Health. It helps to acknowledge the health data by showing insights in clear, precise graphs so you have a better overview of your health in a more convenient way. Apart from the health data, HONOR Health keeps records of your step counts, exercises, heart rate, sleep trends and blood oxygen levels. Users are no longer in need of wearables to monitor their health, as they can enjoy a wealth of intelligent features to easily manage day to day life by only using HONOR smartphones.

Open Platform for Developers

the HONOR Developer Service Platform to provide direct support and services to developers. Among the many services available, developers may submit their apps into App Market and Game Center through the platform. Interested developers may visit the following site for more information: https://developers.hihonor.com.

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