16 celebrated authors, 4 chefs, and 4 performing art shows to enthrall audiences as part of Italy’s Guest of Honour programme at SIBF 2022

16 celebrated authors, 4 chefs, and 4 performing art shows to enthrall audiences as part of Italy’s Guest of Honour programme at SIBF 2022

 A total of 160 kids workshops and 72 roaming parades will also be unveiled at the 41st SIBF at Expo Centre Sharjah from November 2 – 13

Sharjah, October 26, 2022

Set sail to the heart of Italy and enjoy an immersive experience of its vibrant culture at the 41st Sharjah International Book Fair, which honours and celebrates the Mediterranean nation as the Guest of Honour at the fair’s 2022 edition from November 2 – 13 at Expo Centre Sharjah.

At the dedicated Italian pavilion at SIBF 2022, visitors can explore the breadth of Italian literature across a spectrum of genres, learn about ancient cultures, enjoy classical and folk music, savour the most loved cuisine in the world, and revel in the spectacle of the country’s famed theatrical shows.

16 celebrated authors, 4 renowned chefs and 2 social media influencers will be at SIBF 2022 as part of Italy’s Guest of Honour programming agenda and visitors can look forward to inspiring panel discussions, book readings, live culinary demonstrations, and a range of cultural performances including music, theatre and art. A total of 160 kids workshops, 72 roaming parades and 4 theatre shows will be hosted to educate and entertain young guests and families.

Literary activities

Eminent Italian writers at SIBF 2022 will partake in literary discussions that explore their craft and the stories behind their body of works.

Visitors can listen to and engage with Viola Ardone, whose beautifully crafted story, The Children’s Train, explores the meaning of identity and belonging; Luigi Ballerini, an award-winning author of children and teen books; Alessandro Baricco, a popular Italian writer, director, and performer; and Nicoletta Bertelle, who has illustrated more than 100 books for Italian and foreign publishers. 

Tuscan writer and cello artist Alice Cappagli whose novel, Ricordati di Bach (Remember Bach), covers the journey and education of a musician; Giuseppe Catozzella, who has published across multiple literary genres, including plays, short stories and novels; Giuseppe Conte, Italian poet, novelist, and translator; and Francesca Maria Corrao, Professor of Arabic Language and Culture, Department of Political Science, LUISS University, Rome; will also partake in Italy’s GoH programming this year.

Elisabetta Dami, who mixes adventure with good values and humour in the Geronimo Stilton series of books written for children aged 6 to 12, gives young readers yet another opportunity to meet her in person as she returns to SIBF for its 41st edition.

Other prominent Italian writers at SIBF 2022 include Alessia Gazzola, a medical examiner turned thriller writer; Christian Greco, Egyptologist and Director of the Egyptian Museum in Turin; Telmo Pievani, Philosopher of Science, Evolutionist, Communicator and Essayist; Domenico Scarpa, literary critic and translator;  Claudia Maria Tresso, Associate Professor of Arab language and literature at the University of Turin who has translated several seminal Arabic works including Assia Djebar’s In the Dead of the Algerian Night; Fabio Volo, a writer, author, radio and TV presenter; and Paolo Roversi, a writer of detective stories and mystery who specialises in ‘metropolitan noir’, a strand of the noir literary genre set in large cities.

Culinary activities

Four prominent Italian chefs will share the inspiration behind their recipes and books, their love of Italian food, and much more during live cooking demonstrations at SIBF 2022.

Amongst the chefs who will showcase their succulent flavours are Cristina Bowerman, the only female chef with 1 Michelin star in Rome; Alessandro Borghese, an eclectic and innovative chef who combines his love of tradition with refined simplicity; Damiano Carrara, who embarked on his career in the industry as a bartender; and Luca Montersino, originally a pâtissier who is now a chef, consultant, teacher, food manager, and television personality.

KIF ITALIA, New Technologies and Digital Art Applied to Archeology: the Villa of the Papyri in Herculaneum

An immersive video projection organised by KIF – Idea Factory srl and the National Archeological Museum Naples (MANN) exploring Villa dei Papiri, an ancient seaside luxury retreat at Herculaneum, Italy, that once lay buried by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 CE and has recently yielded spectacular finds of sculpture, paintings, and book scrolls.

Social media influencers

YouTuber and author, Sofia Viscardi, who has a fanbase of more than 2 million followers and subscribers across various platforms and has published two novels, It Happens and Enough, will join Giulia Lamarca, changemaker, psychologist and travel journalist of the popular blog ‘My travels: the hard truth’ to share their unique journeys with visitors and guests at the 41st SIBF.

6 workshops for kids

Two unique workshops focusing on principles of sustainability will use paper and cardboard to create puppets and masks and a magical treasure chest of small-boxed theatres designed to bring fairy tales and nursery rhymes to life.

Young visitors can also participate in a Meet the Author session with Paola Myriam Visconti which will feature readings, discussions and a workshop to inspire children to pursue their passions and dreams.

Award-winning Italian pianist Gloria Campaner will conduct a workshop titled “See sharp (C#)” that explores free lateral thinking and expressing creativity and targets children of all ages and skill levels.

The workshop, ‘Geronimo Stilton’ led by Elisabetta Damiwill enable kids to be heroes of their own stories through games, activities and entertainment.

Carla Barbara Coppi will welcome children to discover traditional Italian folk music.

Colourful parades

Francesca Bizzarri will present two characters in one amazing costume to entertain children throughout the 12-day cultural extravaganza at Expo Centre Sharjah. With one of her arms, she controls a talking Beatrice and enables the silent Dante to move and interact with the audience, creating a memorable connection through her roaming show.

Elena Gaffuri will give life to Pinocchio, one of the greatest ambassadors of Italian culture, and kids can look forward to fun interactions with the wooden puppet.

Performing Arts

In Aterballetto: A Poetry Abstraction, a site-specific performance, an ensemble cast of four will use music and dance to trace geometric shapes and patterns through dance and the body; while Balletto di Roma, a leading production house of ballet in Italy, will host spectacular performances that maintain a strong connection with history and tradition.

SIBF audiences will also be entertained by the lyrical performances of the rising Violinist star, Gennaro Cardaropoli, the ICMA Young Artist of the Year 2022, and Gloria Campaner — one of the most interesting Italian pianists of her generation.


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