LEVA Hotels’ EKONO By LEVA establishes its footprint in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

LEVA Hotels’ EKONO By LEVA establishes its footprint in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The brand secured a new partnership to manage its first midscale hotel in Jeddah, KSA.

27 October 2022, Dubai – LEVA Hotels – a UAE-based company has partnered with Ongoing Launch and Vision Ambassadors to reposition an existing 50-key boutique airport hotel in Jeddah. Previously named Garden Palace Hotel and located in Al Basateen Jeddah, KSA, LEVA aims to transform the property to cater to business travellers, tourists, and locals alike. The property will serve as the brand’s flagship hotel in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and as a focal point in its growing portfolio.

The 3-star hotel will undergo soft modifications by the end of this year to create an atmosphere that embodies EKONO by LEVA’s key brand design elements. As a result, guests will enjoy a dynamic and innovative lifestyle experience, which includes cutting-edge technologies integrated into smart, fun, efficient, and trendy designs.

Saudi Arabia is a prominent player in the region’s tourism and development sectors, bringing opportunities for new lifestyle brands to invest in and grow. Projects like NEOM’s The Line under construction and the Kingdom’s winning bid to host the 2029 Asian Winter Games demonstrate the country’s power in the tourism industry and as a hub for business opportunities. LEVA’s new partnership will help more tourists, entrepreneurs and established businesses explore what the Kingdom has to offer.

Speaking about the project, J.S. Anand, Founder and CEO of LEVA Hotels & Resorts, says, “With the tourism industry rapidly developing in Saudi Arabia, LEVA plans to expand in key markets right across the country. In addition, this is the first property under our umbrella to be branded as EKONO by LEVA in KSA, so we are excited about the future. We are also working on incorporating LEVA’s signature guest experience blueprint, advanced technologies, and the automation we use at our flagship hotel in Dubai to support sustainability and ensure positive guest experiences.”

D. Ghazi Filemban, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Vision Ambassadors, adds, “With LEVA, we can get many opportunities in the Saudi market. I am happy to join hands with the wonderful LEVA brand and work as an integrated team to achieve our goals.” 

Ongoing Launch and Vision Ambassadors are the co-owners of the property. Ongoing Launch is a multi-industry company with partnerships in the field of manufacturing sweets and luxury chocolate through the moule brand, as well as hospitality services and events.

Vision Ambassadors is a limited liability company dedicated to consulting, business development, and international trade. Registered in Saudi Arabia, it enjoys excellent momentum in global and local relations with experts and investors. The company also can establish local and international strategic partnerships through its services to ensure that it meets the market’s needs and benefits its customers through this system. In addition, it shares its national experiences with its international partners and investors in the local market.

On Brand, Always

Each new LEVA Hotels property will keep its brand philosophy at heart, outlining its flexibility and convenient solutions for hotel owners.

LEVA Hotels understands the gap faced by the industry and offers ‘Redesigned Hospitality’ for a unique experience that is professional yet personalised. The brand focuses on key markets across the MENA region and beyond, working towards enhancing hospitality offerings with its properties, which are all design-led, digital-first, and wallet-friendly.

To discuss hotel management partnership opportunities, contact development@stayleva.com or call +971 50 160 4924.

For more information about LEVA Hotels, please visit www.stayleva.com


LEVA Hotel Management LLC: Meet the Region’s Most Vibrant Emerging Lifestyle Hospitality Brand.

LEVA is a dynamic lifestyle hotel concept created to offer a fresh and more accessible

perspective to the hospitality industry, offering upscale and midscale properties. Founded in 2018 and led by hospitality entrepreneur JS Anand, LEVA’s memorable name is derived from Levatio; meaning “comfort” in Latin.

LEVA Hotels is proud to offer modern convenience and traditional hospitality together. Recognizing its guests as tech-savvy explorers, the hotel brand delivers an experience that is cutting-edge, convenient, and contemporary to those travelling for both work and play.


Email: development@stayleva.com
Telephone: 04 526 6000

Website: https://stayleva.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LevaHotels/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leva_hotels/

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