Explore the fascinating mechanics of a carousel ride at SIBF 2022!

Explore the fascinating mechanics of a carousel ride at SIBF 2022!

Visiting school children enjoy the thrilling experience of creating a Lego carousel operating on multiple gear combinations

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Sharjah, November 3, 2022

A merry-go-round is a must-try experience for most young children visiting fairs and carnivals, but how many really know the science behind these exciting rides?

School children at the 41st Sharjah International Book Fair at Expo Centre Sharjah were in for a learning ride at the ‘CAROUSEL HORSE GAME’ workshop organised by Fun Robotics, where they experimented with Lego bricks and gears to set in motion a mini carousel in half an hour.

With a little help from trainers and following instructions on individual iPads, teams of children learnt the mechanics of transmission and perpendicular motion as they attached miniature Lego gears on a carousel and set it in motion. The young boys enthusiastically followed instructions and did their work with precision, making the mini carousel riders go round the fairground.

The Fun Robotics trainers said the school children learnt how the gear affects motion and how a smaller gear makes the carousel move with less speed than when operating a larger gear attachment on the carousel.

SIBF 2022 runs from November 2 -13 under the theme, Spread the Word, at Expo Centre Sharjah.


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