Visit the Kindergarten of the Future at SIBF 2022 to know more!

Will your child be the next big storyteller?

Visit the Kindergarten of the Future at SIBF 2022 to know more!

Children 3-5 years old indulge in stimulating creative activities at an innovatively designed futuristic earning environment

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Sharjah, Nov 05, 2022

Tiny tots at the 41st Sharjah International Book Fair can look forward to freely exploring their inner potential at the spacious Kindergarten of the Future, a bright, joyful and welcoming space where the little ones can unleash their creativity.

Combining fun with entertainment and learning, the innovatively designed Kindergarten of the Future in Hall 07 at Expo Centre Sharjah is split into four interactive zones – Gardening, Drawing, Music and Storytelling. Here, children can do each activity in small groups before they gather together to hear a stimulating story.

“The idea is about self-awareness, so the children get to know themselves,” says Anthony Estephan, Host for Tekdir Live Theatrical Show Production, the company behind this amazing concept. Better known as Mr I to the little ones, Estephan is conspicuously dressed in a floral suit, and a large bright-yellow hat.

“Kids react to colours, they love colours, so I chose to wear something with flowers, something happy. Our company name means ‘appreciation’ so what we try and do here is appreciate people, especially little people,” he adds smiling.

Each session is timed at 30 minutes to sustain the attention span of this age group.

“Even if they don’t fully understand what they are doing now, they will take away something from this. And who knows? Maybe one of them could become the next Picasso, or the next Mozart, maybe they will build something amazing or become a great storyteller,” says Estephan.

Hosting an exciting array of over 400 literary events under the imaginative theme of ‘Spread the Word’ the 41st Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) runs from November 02-13 at Expo Centre Sharjah. From inspiring cultural discussions and scintillating live shows to creative workshops and live cookery demos, the 12-day event is a gateway to creativity for anyone who loves the written word.


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1-5 General photo during the show

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