Unique candle making workshop kindles creativity at SIBF 2022

Unique candle making workshop kindles creativity at SIBF 2022

Faces glow with energy and joy as children use natural colour, scent and wax to create their very own eco-friendly candles at Expo Centre Sharjah

Sharjah, Nov 06, 2022

A Candle Making workshop at the 41st Sharjah International Book Fair is introducing children to the art of making eco-friendly candles that do not use paraffin, a harmful substance commonly found in store-bought candles.

Led by Batool Sajwani, the one-hour workshop, ideal for children 7 years and above, enables youngsters to learn not one but two activities. “Apart from making the candle, we are also showing them how to decoupage another candle with an image,” added Sejwani.

At the SIBF workshop, children sit patiently, listening to precise instructions on making their own eco-friendly candles. A basket filled with radiant colours lies in front of each, along with test tubes filled with various essential oils to enhance the fragrance of the eco-friendly candle they will create from scratch.

While the bright candle jars go into the fridge for the wax to cool down, children get busy choosing an image to start the decoupage. “When they finish, it will look as though the image is from inside the candle, not just pasted outside. These activities are fun, and at the end, they get to take two candles home.”


Attached photo:

1-3 General photo during the workshop

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