Insects and their role in earth’s ecosystem highlighted at interactive workshop at SIBF 2022

Insects and their role in earth’s ecosystem highlighted at interactive workshop at SIBF 2022

Young children learn values of conservation through exploration into insect behaviour at Expo Centre Sharjah

Sharjah, November 07, 2022

The ongoing 41st Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF), which offers interesting and powerful ways to engage children in learning, is hosting a fun and informative workshop for children at Expo Centre Sharjah, to equip young ones with knowledge about different creatures such as insects and bugs.

The hands-on session titled, ‘Connecting with Fascinating Creatures: Insects and Bugs Discovery’, enabled children to take a closer look at different species of small bugs.

Participants in the workshop were also introduced to the differences between meat-eating and plant-eating insects as they explored the fascinating life of some of the world’s most common creatures.

The unique actions, sounds and defense mechanisms of insects were also explored in the interactive workshop, and participants got the opportunity to take their very own bug model home. During the workshop, the young participants also watched a short animated movie on different insects and flies, with a short description of each.

“The idea behind this workshop was to educate children about insects and the vital role they play in the food chain and the larger ecological system. Insects are vital to many key aspects of biology, playing a role in cycling nutrients, pollinating plants, dispersing seeds, maintaining soil structure and fertility, providing food sources, etc,” said the workshop instructor. “Children must gain a deeper understanding of the creatures in the natural world especially in the age of rampant biological and climate changes.”

The young participants were excited to learn all about planet Earth’s littlest friends.  Lila from Choueifat School in Sharjah, was happy to learn about the unique  shapes, sizes and colours of the creatures in the insect world while Saif, another student from the same school, enjoyed the movie and the new knowledge he acquired at SIBF 2022.


Attached photo:

1-3 General photo during the workshop

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