Iconic Singer-Lyricist, Umair Jaswal to play lead in Shoaib Akhtar’s biopic “Rawalpindi Express”

Iconic Singer-Lyricist, Umair Jaswal to play lead in Shoaib Akhtar’s biopic “Rawalpindi Express”

  • Other star cast to include famous personalities from Lollywood.
  • Film set to release on 16th November 2023.

Dubai, UAE: Pakistani rockstar, Umair Jaswal has been roped in to play the lead role of legendary cricketer Shoaib Akhtar in the upcoming much awaited biopic “Rawalpindi Express”. The announcement was done byDubai based filmmaker Faraz Qaiser and production house QFilm Productions who aregiving the account of Akhtar’s rough and tough life in a visualized form. Rawalpindi Express to be directed by Faraz Qaiser and penned down by Qaiser Nawaz, will also see famous celebrities from Lollywood playing key characters. The movie is set to release on 16th November 2023 exactly a year later from now.

Singer, Songwriter and Pakistani TV actor, Umair Jaswal started his career with a famous music group Qayas a decade ago and since then has been regularly featuring on Coke Studio with record breaking performances. From the rock music of Qayaas, to iconic Coke Studio appearances and his acting debut with period drama, Mor Mahal (2016), Umair Jaswal has managed to establish massive fan following in Pakistan.

Divulging more on Umair Jaswal and the film overall, Director Faraz Qaiser said, “The film will span across 1975 to 2002 and requires physical transformation to be shown by an actor. Umair Jaswal perfectly fits the role as he is a sports and fitness enthusiast and has worked on his body and fitness level for several months. His dedication is unparallel and he recognises the gravity of the role, and commitment required to bring in the persona of legendary cricketer Shoaib Akhtar live on screen. Umair has a keen understanding of the bowling technique as well. I am extremely pleased to have Umair Jaswal on board and we are looking forward to start shooting from December 2022 in Pakistan, Dubai, New Zealand, and Australia”.

Visibly excited, Actor & Singer Umair Jaswal, said, “This project is a dream come true for me as an actor. I feel extremely fortunate to portray Mr. Shoaib Akhtar on screen. His life is an inspiration to several youngsters of Pakistan. He is not just a superstar in Pakistan but for all cricket lovers globally. It is a huge responsibility to shoulder, and I am completely aware of this. I am cherishing every moment of this journey and I will always treasure the time spent with him in preparing for this role which required a new level of dedication and effort. He has recounted several stories and experiences of the ups and downs he has faced in life en route to becoming an international star cricketer. I hope that audience loves this narrative and gets inspired”.

Talking about overcoming challenges, Producer, Mr. Kafeel, Qfilm Productions, said, “This film is one of a kind, with unique challenges, since we are making a film about a living legend and a personality that the whole world knows for decades. The room for error is very small. Also, the filming style that we are going for will set the bar very high. We have assembled a great team to pull this off and I am confident that the world is in for a cinematic treat”. 

Mr. Saeed Kamali, who is also a patron and backing this project, said, “The reason this story is important is because it gives people hope and motivation. When you look at Shoaib’s childhood, his disability and social standing you could think it’s impossible for someone like that to succeed in life. But as we now know, not only does he succeed but he goes on to break records, therefore this is a story that can motivate and inspire people, that’s why I love it. You can’t teach this; you just get inspired by the journey and determination of our main character”.

Waleed Gubara is at the helm of this project, which is a classic underdog story, it’s about overcoming insurmountable odds and finding triumph despite it all. It’s a story about the enduring power of the human spirit, it’s about relationships their pressure and complexities. It’s a story of sacrifice and overcoming one’s demons and fears. More importantly it’s a story about unconditional love; for family, for a nation, for the game of cricket. It’s a story that must be told and an amazing team has come together to tell it!

Rawalpindi Express is expected to capture the passion, excitement, purpose, activism, and positivity around sports. The movie will set a benchmark and is sure to bind the audience with power of sports, its cultural impact, and its unrivalled ability to transcend borders and barriers.

For more details http://www.qfilmproductions.com/

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