A Spectacular 51st UAE National Day Celebration at Mercato!

A Spectacular 51st UAE National Day Celebration at Mercato!

Mercato is gearing up to mark the 51st UAE National Day with a line-up of spectacular decor, entertainment, and themed activities starting from 2nd – 4th Dec.

The enchanting exterior of Mercato will be lighted up reflecting the colours of the UAE flag while dressed up with the patriotic UAE themed décor inside to announce the celebration.

Mercato will host an array of activities and entertainment to get visitors into the National Day spirit, from live entertainment, roaming musical bands, flash mob dances, live museum and cultural activities such as Ayyala dance, falconer, coffee, dates serving, henna and creative kids’ workshops.

There is something to keep the whole family engaged. What’s more, visitors will get the opportunity to experience the spirit of unity by bringing the community together for this memorable celebration.

For more details, please visit www.Mercatoshoppingmall.com

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