An exceptional year for Mahzooz as 10 multi-millionaires stepped into the good life in 2022

An exceptional year for Mahzooz as 10 multi-millionaires stepped into the good life in 2022

A reflection of the twice weekly live draw’s accomplishments,including the creation of31 multi-millionaires and 217,000who took homeAED 351,000,000

3January 2023, Dubai, UAE:The beginning of a new year is always filled with optimism. It bringsfresh starts, new decisions, and opportunities to establish different routinesthat set the path to success. Nevertheless, the beginning of a new year is also a time to reflect, review, and celebrate what has been accomplished during the previous year.

For Mahzooz, 2022 was an unprecedented year of success. There is no doubt that Mahzooz has made a profoundly positive impact on both the lives of the winners and the community as a whole.

With 116 Fantastic Friday and Super Saturday draws concluded to date, Mahzooz has accomplished a tremendous feat by proclaiming 10 multi-millionaires in 2022 alone. This brings the total number of Mahzooz millionaires to 31 in just two years of operation. In total, over217,000 winners have collectively taken home AED 351,000,000 in prize money. Not to mention that Mahzooz has participantsfrom 237 different countrieswho joined the draw to benefit from its generous prizes.

2022 was also a year of female winners, with 40,000 female celebrants, including  Mahzooz’s first female topprize winner, who claimed a whopping AED 10 million in December 2022.

“The pursuit of greatness has been a defining element of Mahzooz’s journey, and 2022 has been a year of momentous milestone after milestone that we’re proud of,” says Farid Samji, CEO of EWINGS, Managing Operator of Mahzooz. 

The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and the growing list of AED 10,000,000 top prize winners demonstrates that Mahzooz has kept its promise to its participants about improving their lives. The additionof the Fantastic Friday Draw  doubles participants’ chances of winning – they have the advantage of two separate chances to win extremely large sums of money, twice a week, for the same purchase of one bottle of water.

“Our customers lie at the heart of all that we do at Mahzooz, so we’re always innovating and thinking of fresh ways to add value to their lives. Looking back is a great way to recap and take stock of our milestones but Mahzooz is all about the future and creating a better tomorrow for our participants. We will build on the success of 2022 to make 2023 a year of more winners, more prize money, more success, and more dreams realized,” Samjiconcludes.

Entrants can participate in Mahzooz by registering via and purchasing a bottle of water for AED 35, which enables them to enter multiple draws, the Fantastic Friday Epic Draw and the Super Saturday Draws, by choosing two different set of numbers. The Super Saturday Draws require participants to pick 5 out of 49 numbers for a chance to win the top prize of AED 10,000,000, the second prize of AED 1,000,000, or the third prize of AED 350. Participants will also be automatically entered into the raffle draw in which three guaranteed winners will each receive AED 100,000.

The new Fantastic Friday Epic Draw requires participants to choose 6 numbers out of 39 for a chance to win AED 10,000,000.

Mahzooz means ‘lucky’ in Arabic and is the UAE’s favourite draw that offers participants a life-changing opportunity to win millions every week. Mahzooz is dedicated to making people’s dreams come true and giving back to the community.



EWINGS LLC, the Managing Operator of Mahzooz, is a technology and operations management company headquartered in the UAE. EWINGS delivers tailor-made services, spanning strategy, technology infrastructure, operations, and management with a special focus on the entertainment industry.

About Mahzooz:

Mahzooz offers participants a life-changing opportunity to win millions of dirhams every week through its Fantastic Friday Epic Draw airing at 8pm every week, and its Super Saturday Grand and Raffle Draw airing live at 9pm. Mahzooz is dedicated to making people’s dreams come true and giving back to the community.

For more information on Mahzooz’s prizes, winners, rules, terms and conditions, eligibility and to enter the upcoming Mahzooz draws, please visit, download our app from the iOS App Store or follow @MyMahzooz on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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