The Kunlun Spirit: the tenacious innovation story behind HUAWEI Mate50Pro’s most exciting features

The Kunlun Spirit: the tenacious innovation story behind HUAWEI Mate50Pro’s most exciting features

Dubai, UAE – 05.01.2023With the recent launch of the HUAWEIMate50 Pro, reviewers and users everywhere have been buzzing about the smartphone’s futuristic features, such as the Iconic Symmetrical Space Ring design and the Ultra Aperture XMAGE camera. However,the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro also introduces the Kunlun Glass screen, one of the mostexciting features of the phone.Surveys reveal that half of the industry’s after-sales maintenance cases are related to cracked or broken screens. A simple crack on the glass is often enough to warrant a repair, or even result in the replacement of the entire screen, middle frame and even the battery.Huawei engineers created the Kunlun Glass to resolve this pain point.

HUAWEI Mate50 Pro

Engineering Wonders of the Kunlun Glass

After years of uninhibited exploration and bold risk-taking, Huawei’s engineers took on a new challenge to create an invincible glass screen like no other. Now, with the launch of the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro, the Kunlun Glass is ready to be enjoyed by users all over the world.

In developing the Kunlun Glass, Huawei engineers were inspired by the robust features of reinforced concrete structures. Further research revealed thatthe load-bearing walls of traditional buildings could maintain a stable structure even if the surface is damaged after adding a strengthening layer. To apply the same technique to smartphone screens, they figured out a way of introducing a large number of nanocrystals into the glass to form a dense supporting structure to improve the resistance.Thus, the Kunlun Glass coating consists of 10 quadrillion such nanocrystals, made possible by composite ion strengthening, 24-hour nanocrystal growth at high temperatures, 108-step micro-crystalline matrix material and panel processing techniques, and 1600℃ platinum smelting technology, which boosts the glass’ durability.

Thanks to the Kunlun Glass, the drop resistance of the HUAWEI Mate50 smartphone has now increased by 10 times. As a result, the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro went on to become the first smartphone to obtain the five-star glass drop resistance certification from Switzerland’s SGS.

Putting the Kunlun Glass through its paces

Several regional influencers have tried to push the Kunlun Glass to its limits. Some have been seen smashing walnuts with Kunlun Glass on the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro, while some have repeatedly thrown the phone on the concrete without mercy. The phone has come out unscathed, even after all the beating. And unsurprisingly, some of these videos have garnered millions of views on social platforms.


‎شاشة جوال قوية مثل جبل طويق 📱😍⛰️ ‎اختبار قوة وتحمل زجاج كونلون على شاشة هاتف هواوي HUAWEI Mate 50 Pro. #techhacks #learnontiktok #tech #HUAWEIMate50Pro

♬ original sound – Abdullah AlGhafis


The Tenacious Spirit of Innovation

Like climbing a snowy mountain, the road taken towards the development of the Kunlun Glass was neither simple nor smooth. The Huawei team was met with repeated setbacks during the R&D process, like the challenges that came with strengthening the type, number, and size of nanocrystals. It was only through their resilience and resourcefulness that they were able to push through.Eventually, the team successfully mastered the formula to control the type, quantity, and size distribution of crystals inside the glass andsolved the ceramic’s material strength and optical matching problem.

Besides the Kunlun Glass, the HUAWEI Mate50 Procomes with a host of other features that represent a major step forward in smartphone aesthetics and technology. For example, the symmetrical Space Ring Design,the intricate, eye-catching Clous de Paris step-patterned embossing design, and the versatile Ultra Aperture XMAGE Camera.

The HUAWEI Mate50 Pro is now available in Orange, Silver and Black in UAE for a price of  3999 AED.


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