Dubai is a global hub for investors and startups.

Businessman Dr. Ossama Alasmar, in press statements:
I decided to relocate my business from Germany to Dubai.
Dubai is a global hub for investors and startups.
Ossama Alasmar: Dubai is a dream for any investor, and I have established several companies in Dubai in different fields.
On Thursday, January 12, 2023, businessman and investor Dr. Ossama Alasmar confirmed that Dubai is a globally sought-after destination for investors. He stated, “I have decided to transfer all of my business operations from Germany to the promising emirate to take advantage of the thriving activity, and momentum Dubai offers.”
As a successful businessman who has established several leading companies operating in various sectors in Dubai, Dr. Alasmar added in press statements that Dubai had become a global hub for investors and emerging companies. He also acknowledged that the foreign direct investment projects that Dubai attracts annually demonstrate the advanced position that the emirate holds in shaping the future economy through implementing cutting-edge technologies.

Dr. Alasmar stated that the Dubai Economic Agenda, with its transformational goals and projects, enhances Dubai’s leadership in investment opportunities in future economic technologies. He added, “Despite the exceptional circumstances and difficulties imposed by the pandemic on all countries of the world, which affected the flow of trade and capital between all international markets, during the year 2021, Dubai succeeded in achieving remarkable growth in all major indicators compared to the year 2020.”

Dr. Ossama Alasmar continued by stating that the Dubai Economic Agenda (D33) aims to significantly increase the contribution of foreign direct investment to Dubai’s economy. Specifically, the goal is to raise the average annual amount from 32 billion AED over the past decade to 60 billion AED for the next decade, reaching 650 billion AED by 2033. To achieve this, Dubai plans to offer world-class investment opportunities and facilitate growth and expansion by leveraging its unique competitive advantages and building solid partnerships with the private sector.

Dr. Ossama Alasmar is a highly accomplished individual in the field of medicine, having worked for many years in Germany before moving to Dubai in 2020. Despite stepping away from practicing medicine, he has found success in other areas, such as establishing companies through Extent and Real Estate Blondies. Extent is a company that provides top-rated investment solutions for investors, focusing on organization, transparency, and credibility.
​​Extent offers several investment projects to investors and supports the establishment of companies in Dubai.
He also established several companies, including RB Homes. This company, founded in partnership with Lilli Pfannenstiel and Angelika Egoschin, known as Real Estate Blondies, specializes in real estate brokerage and consulting. Thanks to their extensive experience and the trust of their clients, RB Homes has achieved significant success in the real estate industry. Furthermore, during Expo 2020 Dubai, Alasmar successfully concluded a considerable partnership agreement between Malaysia’s IBN and RB Homes.
According to Dr. Ossama, his company’s success is attributed to his unique mindset. He believes possessing a mastermind and practical perspective, rather than money, makes a successful businessman. Additionally, Dr. Ossama values credibility and originality as crucial components in his business endeavors.
Among his subsidiaries, Real Estate Blondies was founded in 2020 and specializes in property and management. Another subsidiary, RB Homes, was established in 2021 and dealt with property and real estate management.
In addition to his other endeavors, he established the company “GUBS” in 2019, specializing in business outsourcing services. He also founded “GGBC” in 2021, which operates within business outsourcing.
He also established “EXTENT Business Provider” in 2022 and “EXTENT Marketing Management” in 2020, which is concerned with business set up.
In addition to founding Ibaros General Trading in 2021, which operates in the field of import and export, Alasmar also established Grand Turismo, a car rental company, in 2022

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