Tadweer signs fiveoperations contracts with a total valueofover AED 2 billion

Tadweer signs fiveoperations contracts with a total valueofover AED 2 billion

On the last day of EcoWASTE 2023 Exhibition and Forum

18 January 2023, Abu Dhabi, UAE: TheAbu Dhabi Waste Management Company (Tadweer) signedfiveoperations contracts with a value of over AED 2 billion. The contracts, which were signed with Alphamed Abu Dhabi LLC and TerbergRosRocaVehicle Manufacturing, Beeah Sharjah Environment Company LLC, Averda Waste Management LLC, and JV Lavajet Al Ain/Nael& Bin HarmalHydroexport LLC (NBHH), cover solid waste collection and transportation services, public cleaning services in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, and waste containers management and maintenance in Abu Dhabi.

The 6-year contracts aim to make a big leap in the quality of services and environment-friendly services by providing electrical equipment for waste collection and transportation, cleaning servicesfor main roads and automatic sweeping, and training programs for employees to ensure that their work complieswith international standards.

Thecontracts were signed during EcoWASTE 2023 Exhibition and Forum, as part of Tadweer’s commitment to fosteringpartnerships that contribute to enhancing sustainable waste management and maintaininga clean and healthy environment in Abu Dhabi.

Tadweeris also exploring cooperation opportunities intransforming solid municipal waste selectively into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) andthe potentialof converting waste into fuel and sustainable chemical materials. The company also signed a MoU with Beeah Sharjah Environment Company LLCto explore new cooperation opportunities for waste management overseas.

Eng. Ali Al Dhaheri, Chief Executive Officer of Tadweer, said: “Tadweer is constantly seeking to cooperate and establishpartnerships with global stakeholders, to exchange best practices, success storiesand innovative solutions for the sector.Through these partnerships, we aim to join our efforts and utilize the best practices to overcomewaste management challenges, by raising the public’s awareness, and addressing challenges related to waste collection, transportation, and treatment.”

Al Dhaheriadded:“The 9th edition of EcoWASTE was a massive success. It was attended by experts and specialists in waste management, who explored the leading role of the GCC countries and the UAE in promoting the trend towards a circular economy. It was also an opportunityto discoversolutions to overcome the waste crisis in the MENA region,raise the public’s awareness about the sector and encouragethemto protect the environment by reducing waste.”

Roundtable of UAE and GCC municipalities

On the sideline of EcoWaste 2023, representatives of UAE and the GCC municipalities proposed the establishment of a joint committee to exchange best practices, success stories, challenges and innovative solutions in the region’s waste management sector.

The proposal came during a roundtable for the UAE and GCC municipalities, organized by Tadweer, which was chaired by Eng. Ali Al Dhaheri, Chief Executive Officer of Tadweer, and attended by representatives of municipalities and waste management experts in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar. The roundtable covered cooperation opportunities to achieve sustainable waste management and invest in the sector to support regional economic growth.

Participants in the roundtable highlighted the importance of enhancing coordination among GCC municipalities, and establishing a team of specialists to learn from global best practices in waste management, and carry out programs and initiatives to prepare for hosting the COP 28 conference. In addition, they proposed the establishment of a joint committee to exchange best practices in the waste management field.

The roundtable addressed the challenges facing GCC countries in the waste management sector, and the efforts required to overcome the increase in the volume of waste due to the ongoing urbanization of cities in the region. Participants also highlighted the steps which have been taken to address these challenges in the region.

Eng. Ali Al Dhaheri, Chief Executive Officer of Tadweer, said: “Tadweer plays a key role in supporting sustainability by reducing the amount of waste disposed in landfills, investing in advanced technologies and solutions, and recycling waste by utilizing available resources, in accordance with the best standards and practices. As part of ADQ, the Company is committed to leading the change in waste management, providing an integrated waste management system in the Emirate, and supporting the energy and facilities sector. This can be achieved by executing innovative projects and initiatives and utilizing the latest technologies to realize the nation’s ambitions to adopt a circular economy.”


A range ofpanels were held during EcoWASTE 2023, which featured speakers from Tadweer and addressed a variety of relevant topics, including promoting the circular economy through practical approaches with real benefits, the role of governance to ensure a thriving circular economy, converting waste into hydrogen, and introducing structure to recycling approaches through tech and apps. Ibrahim Al Ali, Director of the Strategic Planning and Policies Department at Tadweer, participated in the ‘Waste Management Strategies’ panel, where he highlightedthe Company’s waste management strategy and focus areas during the coming period.Some of these areasinclude attracting more direct foreign investments, and reducing the diversion of waste to landfills.

Eng. Abdul Mohsin Mubarak Al Katheeri, Director of the Projects and Facilities Department at Tadweer, delivereda presentationunder the title‘Waste Management Projects and Facilities’ in which he discussedthe waste recycling projects that were carried outby the Company.

Marwan Al Marzooqi, IT Director at Tadweer, spokeabout the application of technology in monitoring the operations and performance of the companies that have signed contractswith Tadweer, to ensure that all services are provided in accordance with the higheststandards and practices.

Furthermore, a session titled “The Future of Waste Operations,” by Mark Woods, Senior Advisor at Tadweer, highlighted the Company’s main priorities in the upcoming period, which include improving operations by updating the existing infrastructure and establishing strategic partnerships to ensure the employment of best practices in this field. The session also focused on enhancing capabilities through cooperation with regulatory authorities to facilitate governance, achieve the ambitious goals of the waste management sector, and elevate Tadweer’s position as a hub for excellence.


About the Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company (Tadweer):

The Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company (Tadweer), which falls under the portfolio of ADQ, continues to work towards its vision of building a sustainable waste management in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, through the collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of waste in a safe, efficient and economical manner. The Company is also tasked with educating communities about the significance of protecting the environment and encouraging them to adopt sound environmental habits to drive sustainable development. Please visit our website: www.tadweer.gov.ae

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