Sehrish Z., Co-Founder & CEO of Xpressocially Media,

Rising entrepreneur Sehrish Z., Co-Founder & CEO of Xpressocially Media, encourages working women to display their professional talents while balancing family life.
She is a well-known marketeer that helps several companies develop and make an impression through effective digital marketing.

Along with supporting companies, Sehrish has assisted up-and-coming influencers on their path to success and development.

She holds a professional certificate in chartered accounting from ACCA UK and is well-recognised for her role as a mentor for financial activists.

Businesses usually participate in marketing just because they are aware of its importance. Setting measurable objectives enables you to monitor your progress, evaluate what’s working, and pinpoint areas that need improvement. It can be challenging to determine whether your marketing activities are successful without clear objectives.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Co-Founder & CEO of Xpressocially Media

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