Teleios Global strikes deals worth more than a million Dirhams

Teleios Global strikes deals worth more than a million Dirhams

On the first day of the Dubai International Boat show

UAE, Dubai – March 2, 2023: Teleios Global the first and largest manufacturer of simulators in the world has announced from its headquarters in Dubai the conclusion of sales deals with a total value of more than one million Dirhams, it secured the sale of five simulators during the first day of its participation at Dubai International Boat Show,  which considered the most prominent event in the Middle East, which is held at Dubai Harbour from the 1st till 5th 2023.

Mr. Mohamed Kamali, the CEO, stated” the e first day of our participation at the Dubai International Boat show and during the first hours of the launch of the event we managed to secure the sale deals of 5 simulators,  3 simulators to our customers from Saudi Arabia and one simulator for each of our customers from Qatar and India”.

Teleios the world leader in manufacturing luxurious racing simulators presented its high-quality simulators to attract fans of racing and sports cars, ad the company aims to prepare a new generation of F1 drivers and provide them with the opportunity to enjoy training for long hours with zero risk.

“The great turnout on the first day of the event (Dubai International Boat show) is a positive indicator of the interaction and interest of the public with the pioneer brand in manufacturing luxurious simulators for F1 and fast cars,” Kamali added.

Teleios Global has recently opened its headquarters at Dubai Production city, it’s keen to manufacture the finest simulators in the world. The pioneering company has set its sights on manufacturing simulators that will satisfy the dreams of professionals, racing enthusiasts, adventurers, and action lovers, simulators provide the opportunity to enjoy a real racing experience. 

Teleios simulators are distinguished by their unique technologies,  luxury, design, and high-quality manufacturing locally.  The simulators are manufactured to meet all requirements of professionals and enthusiasts of all ages.

Teleios International” promises its fans around the world to produce the best devices in terms of performance, high-quality design and modern technologies, and it is now in the process of announcing the company’s latest productions in the field of simulation computer games. Under the supervision of Mr. Mohamed Kamali, Leonardo Bernasconi and Simon Konati.

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