Mercato Announced a Donation Campaign Together with UNHCR

Mercato Announced a Donation Campaign Together with UNHCR to Provide Emergency Relief to those Affected by the Deadly Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria!

Following the deadly earthquake in Turkey and Syria, Mercato launched an emergency appeal for donations together with UNHCR to provide emergency relief to those affected by this devastating earthquake.
The campaign will run until 21st March, UAE residents can visit Mercato, and donate to the UNHCR team to provide vital aid for Syria and Turkey citizens who left without shelter and vital supplies.

Nisreen Boustani, PR and Corporate Communication Manager of Mercato Mall and Town Centre Jumeirah, said:“ Thousands of homes are likely to have been destroyed, displacing families and exposing them to

the elements at a time of year when temperatures regularly drop below freezing and snow and freezing rain are common. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Turkey and Syria affected by the
earthquake. This aid is part of Mercato’s humanitarian and moral duty towards the needy and those impacted by disasters and calamities, the earthquakes lasted seconds, but the aftermath will last for years”.

Those looking to lend a helping hand can visit the UNHCR booth at Mercato on the first floor in front of Patchi.

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