DVS Management Consultancy Solidifies Presence in the Middle East, Launches New Global Relocation Concierge Services

DVS Management Consultancy Solidifies Presence in the Middle East, Launches New Global Relocation Concierge Services

5th April 2023, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: DVS Management Consultancy, a leading UAE Management Consultancy announced the launch of its brand-new Global Relocation Concierge Services in line with its strategy to expand its presence in the Middle East and create value by solving business challenges globally on its sixteenth annual day.

Designed to help companies and High Net worth Individuals (HNIs) navigate the complex process of relocating to a new country and deliver a hassle-free experience, the Global Relocation Concierge Services boasts a host of tailored facilities including assistance with company set-up, visa, and immigration processes, setting up bank accounts, buying and leasing property and other relocation-related tasks.

Speaking of the new service, Dr. Nabeel Ahmed, Senior Partner at DVS Management Consultancy said, “We’re pleased to present our new Global Relocation Concierge Services and believe our decision to introduce it has come at a time when more and more companies and HNIs are looking to relocate to the UAE and the wider Middle East region for the unrivaled lifestyle, infrastructure, health, and education facilities the UAE offers. From our vast experience, we know that the entire relocating process can be a daunting experience. In this context, our goal is to provide our clients with a seamless relocation experience, so they can focus on  settling into their new environment as quickly as possible.”

Starting April 2023, the Global Relocation Concierge service will be available to clients across the globe including but not limited to the UK, Russia, and India. To support clients and cater to their requirements, a team of dedicated consultants will be made available to assist with all aspects of the relocation process.

As a leading provider of consulting and advisory services, DVS Management Consultancy is a company that is committed to delivering world-class services to its clients across the globe. With services ranging from international tax, transaction advisory, debt syndication, and virtual CFO services, catered through its offices in India and Singapore. the Group has successfully catered to prominent family-owned businesses, entrepreneurs, HNIs, and mid-market corporations from all over the world.

For more information, visit https://onedvs.com/

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