The first perfume exhibition, Abu Dhabi 2023

The first perfume exhibition, Abu Dhabi 2023, was concluded in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, which was held in the water canal in Rabdan the day before yesterday. It was organized by Rose Touch for organizing exhibitions and conferences, and it lasted for seven days. It witnessed a “great” and “wonderful” turnout of visitors, exceeding (5000) thousands within a week.
The first exhibition of its kind witnessed a “remarkable” success through the wonderful organization and the large number of visitors that have flocked since the opening.

For her part, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Rose Touch Company for Organizing Exhibitions and Conferences, Mrs. Warda Al-Mahri, stated that the exhibition gave a great opportunity for companies and stores specialized in exchanging experiences and ideas in the trade of perfume and incense products, which will reflect positively on the local market, and the end consumer alike.

She said that the exhibition constitutes an important event in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, as it is happening for the first time and brings together the most important companies and stores specialized in perfumes, incense, and small and medium enterprises under one roof. Foremost among them is the Abdul Samad Al Qurashi Perfumes Company, the golden sponsor, Al Rasasi Oud Company, the silver sponsor, Emirates Mixes and Blends Company, and Atyab Al Marshoud. And the Reef Company. There was also participation from the Republic of Egypt, the Clavel Perfume Company, and also from the State of Kuwait and its authority, Oman, which underlined the exchange of cultures in an atmosphere full of pleasant scents.

It should be noted that the exhibition was visited by most well-known social media celebrities and many official bodies. A press conference was organized before the opening to highlight the participants and the objectives of the exhibition.

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