Dar Al Ber Society organised A Special Iftar & Eid celebration for Children of Determination & their families to spread happiness  

Dar Al Ber Society organised A Special Iftar & Eid celebration for Children of Determination & their families to spread happiness  

United Arab Emirates – 18 April 2023: 

To mark Ramadan & Eid festivities and  to encourage the children with Determination to enjoy and feel welcomed and loved. As well as to raise awareness about people of Determination, Dar Al Ber Society organized a special Iftar & Eid celebration event at their headquarters auditorium at Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

The evening was also attended by Special guests – Mr. Khalid Al Ameri and his wife Salama Mohamed, one of the most famous and influential Emarati social media influencer & inspirational video creator couples in UAE. The power couple was accompanied by their two sons. 

The main objective of the Special celebration was to help the families of Children of Determination feel being a part of the mainstream society, and to celebrate them and their many achievements. Another objective of the Specialcelebration was to help the people understand the problems faced by Children of Determination and their families, through bridging the gaps we can work to build a more inclusive future. Keeping these objectives in mind, the Dar Al Ber had also invited people from different walks of life which included government officials, business leaders, entrepreneurs, media personalities, influencers, socialites, etc. The eminent guests promised to take further steps to help the children of determination & their families.

The special evening featured Iftar & dinner followed by one on one interaction of the Children of Determination with all the eminent guests and Mr. Khalid Al Ameri & Mrs. Salama Mohammed.

The Children of Determination took the opportunity to click selfies with the celebrity couple. The children not only got a chance to interact with media & eminent personalities, but they also received special Gifts which included personal hygiene items,  toys, chocolates, one month grocery rations, etc. The gifts distribution ceremony was followed by interaction to take selfies & pictures together.

Also, all the children of Determination were given a chance to interact with different personalities from different walks of life to discuss about their skills for which Dar Al Ber Society had made special arrangement. While Dhiren Bhatia talked about his skills of balloon artistry, Sujith Shenoy showed his championship bronze medal that he won in roller skating skill, Nilofer saleem recited the verse of Quran to open the Iftar time– in total all children interacted & talked about their amazing talents & challenges during the event.

Mr. Khalid Al Ameri and Mrs. Salama Mohamed were visibly very happy to attend the special Iftar. The couple gave special attention to the Children of Determination & took selfies with the children with determination. Both Mr. Khalid and Mrs. Salama addressed the crowd emphasizing the importance of coming together as a community and learning from one another to create a more inclusive & adaptive society.

Mr. Khalid al Ameri emphasizes that “UAE government gives value & priority to people with determination and so it’s important that as community we learn from each other and see how we can help each other and to take these messages we learned into our own communities and countries”

He appealed people to take the country’s polices in place regarding people with determination and push them forward “and so it was important for me & Salama to be here today amongst this Special gathering” Khalid said.

Juhi Yasmeen Khan from Dar Al Ber Society, said, “This initiative of Dar Al Ber Society is aimed at spreading happiness among the Children of Determination & their families. We organized this event because it is important for the society to understand people with determination. Each & every children of determination has at least one unique talent which needs to be identified & nurtured so that it will help them become a part of the mainstream society”. This helps our special friends and their families feel being part of the mainstream society and get to mingle with inspirational people from different walks of life. We, at Dar Al Ber Society, feel that it is our responsibility to do something for the inclusion of people of determination in the mainstream society. So, we decided to organise this Special event where we brought so many people of determination who interacting about their talents for the world to know”. We would like to extend our gratitude to all our guests, donors, contributors & supporters – she added.

The Special Iftar & Eid celebration was attended by over 250 guests. The delicious Iftar was followed by sumptuous dinner & fun filled activities to entertain special needs children & their families.

With on-site general medical checkups including dental check up with Doctors from Lotus Clinic and henna artists put beautiful Henna from Aroushi Salon, colorful & fun frolic Ice creams from IGLOO gave the chance for the families to completely celebrate the festivities of Ramadan & Eid.

Various enthusiastic individuals came to support in the event as volunteers from University students to different corporate companies to contribute their efforts for these children. It was a complete fun filled evening for all the children. All the guest, especially the families of Children of Determination, enjoyed the evening thoroughly. 

“I am very happy to be able to attend this event with my family and friends, being able to enjoy the yummy food & gifts, lovely people and celebrate Ramadan with everyone ”, said, Nilofer Saleem, one of the Autistic special guests of Determination at the event.

 “Bringing forth the importance of the people of determination and their needs is essential to well working countries, we must work together and build a better future for everyone regardless of their background. That is why I am so pleased and happy that I was able to be part of today’s event, where we could bridge the gaps found in our society ” Said Environmentalist Mohammad Mustafa a volunteer of the Special event.

University student Khushey Chadha & Navya Sirohi came as volunteers for taking lead of doing videography & photography to support the event.

Dar Al Ber Society presents token of appreciation to Khalid Al Ameri & Salama Mohmed for being inspirational Icons & spreading awareness & happiness amongst Children of determination.

If anyone would like to contribute or donate to Dar Al Ber Society, kindly log on their website www.daralber.com

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