CoffeeDesk brings Urnex Products to the UAE

CoffeeDesk brings Urnex Products to the UAE

CoffeeDesk shines a light on enhancing the coffee experience using the best equipment cleaning products and practices

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: CoffeeDesk is known as one of the leading solutions for coffee and tea accessories and equipment in GCC and Europe. They have recently signed distribution deal with Urnex, which is a revolutionary brand creating products to enhance the cleaning of coffee and tea equipment at cafes and homes.

CoffeeDesk’s mission is all about helping creating the perfect cup for coffee lovers anywhere in the world. In line with this mission, CoffeeDesk shines a light on this unpopular yet important aspect of serving a good cup. A clean coffee machine ensures the coffee is not compromised and the machinery is taken care of in the long run.

CoffeeDesk aims to be the one-stop-shop for coffee enthusiasts – be it drinkers, brands, restaurants, cafés or even baristas and café concept specialists. The brand consistently works on curating the best coffee and tea products, equipment, practices and now product services. With this deal, the brand aligns to the CoffeeDesk mission of having a one-stop-shop with the most innovative products and focuses on the all-around coffee and tea experience.

Saud Al Nuaimi, Founder of CoffeeDesk GCC expresses the importance of their partnership with Urnex. “Urnex is renowned brand for their cleaning products and are available globally in around 70 countries and with our focus on bringing the best coffee and tea equipment to the GCC, it is vital we also focus on the cleaning, maintenance and upkeep of good quality coffee and tea machinery.”

“Not many people are aware but if the coffee bits and oils are not removed from the machine in a timely manner, the buildup can destroy the taste and smell of the coffee. Coffee is all about the flavor, from the roast to the grind to the filtration – every detail matters and unclean equipment can cause bitter, metallic or acetic flavors. Urnex products are created with much thought; they utilize their expertise and bring together a pool of equipment technicians, chemists and coffee professionals to create efficient products.” he added.


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