Forte Healthcare Highlights Health Insurance Plans for UAE Residents

Forte Healthcare Highlights Health Insurance Plans for UAE Residents

Recognising the surge in premium health insurance demands across the Emirates

Dubai, May 3, 2023

Transformations across all sectors of the healthcare industry in the UAE have demonstrated the nation’s commitment and strive to provide citizens and residents with access to the best in medical health services. As demand for premium healthcare steadily grows in the Emirates, medical and health insurance companies are now adapting their policies to accommodate the changing needs of patients and providers, helping to curate excellent packages and premiums.

Mr. Karan Rehki, CEO of Forte Healthcare, comments, “The UAE is an excellent case study in breaking through the ceiling with innovations in health insurance policy. Interestingly, recent data has shown that residents in the country are now opting to upgrade their basic packages to more comprehensive levels of health coverage, as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic and of local hospitals streamlining their insurance partners.”

“The pandemic, I believe, largely showed the world that access to all types of healthcare – outpatient, inpatient, elective, and emergency – is an extremely vital part of life, not to be taken for granted. We’re seeing patients now expressing a keen interest in understanding more deeply the scope of services their insurance package allows, which is excellent news for hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers.” Mr. Rekhi continues.

Currently within the UAE, every resident is required by law to obtain health insurance and companies offer differing levels and coverage of insurance, based on individual patient needs. The ‘Basic Network Card’ and ‘Restricted Network Card’ are among the basic packages offered and can be utilised for outpatient consultations and minor procedures at a restricted network of healthcare providers. The ‘General Network Card’ is a step up in coverage and allows patients to visit and obtain services from a broader range of providers, while the ‘Premium Network Card’ is the highest level of insurance available within the country, providing the most comprehensive services.

When obtaining any type of health service within the country, Forte Healthcare recommends firstly looking into different health insurance companies and policies partnered with their health centre of choice. It is crucial to plan carefully and check which category and network of insurance policies a facility accepts to avoid incurring unexpected additional expenses. Individuals should also consider factors such as the reputation of hospitals and clinics, quality of care, and availability of doctors before seeking medical treatment and deciding on an insurance plan.

Forte Healthcare, a leading specialised healthcare management advisory consultancy firm in the region, is committed to quality patient care with service excellence second-to- none. Continuously at the forefront in their field, the company works meticulously to provide training and guidance to healthcare facility management professionals, ensuring teams provide excellent healthcare services to their patients. The well-acclaimed company boasts an outstanding track record in advising hospitals and healthcare investors on all aspects of hospital operations, from compliance to ongoing patient care.


About Forte Healthcare:

Forte Healthcare is a leading healthcare management and advisory firm in the region. The company’s support for healthcare facilities spans a broad range of areas, including strategic planning, financial management, regulatory compliance, staff training, and quality improvement. They work closely with investors to develop a comprehensive plan that caters to all aspects of the business and ensures that operations are set up appropriately from the very start. The Forte team excels in handing over hospitals to newly appointed management, providing support for effective operations through transitions and years to come.

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