Robin Linn at SAC 2023: “Animaton from this regioncan enlighten the world about Arab culture”

Robin Linn at SAC 2023: “Animaton from this region
can enlighten the world about Arab culture”

Senior Director at Activision Blizzard stressed that the debut Sharjah Animation Conference was the first step towards educating the world about Arab culture via animation

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Sharjah, May 06, 2023

Robin Linn, Senior Director and Creative Talent Acquisition at Activision Blizzard, a leading company in the digital gaming industry, has stressed that the debut edition of the Sharjah Animation Conference (SAC), organised by the Sharjah Book Authority (SBA) was the first step towards educating the global animation industry about Arab culture and its content landscape.

During a workshop titled ‘Creating the perfect portfolio’ at the first-of-its-kind event in the Middle East, Linn said: “I see hope here. Just like the UAE’s cities have transformed the desert into thriving communities, animation can come from here to educate the world and demystify baseless myths that exist globally about this region and its culture”. 

He added that the region is full of talents that have the potential to create amazing work. “Animation is not a Western phenomenon, it is an art form that can talk to children and adults, and we need to use it to tell a different story from here”.

During the lively and interactive session, he told attendees that animation work is not easy, adding, “work in this field is demanding. It requires patience, creativity, and the ability to handle stress. But it is worth it!”

He told the aspiring animators in the audience not to be afraid. “Stand up to people who tell you you can’t make it. Don’t be afraid, and keep creating”.

On designing portfolios and resumes, he advised artists to focus on LinkedIn and use searchable words and terminologies in their bios, “Don’t be fancy, be efficient! Your artwork is the most important thing, so create multiple Instagram accounts for different purposes, personal, character designs, and photography”.

Linn stressed the importance of following artists and animators and trying to establish connections with them, and advised participants to make their resumes more impactful with the monetary yields of their craft. “If possible, write in your CV that you worked on a project that yielded ‘x’ amount of revenue to catch the attention of recruiters.”

The Sharjah Animation Conference concluded yesterday (Friday). The three-day conference provided an enriching experience through a wide range of masterclasses and workshops that provided valuable insights and practical tips for industry professionals, aspiring animators, and anime fans alike.


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