Young Sushi Lovers Learn the Art of Rolling at Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival’s ‘Roll Your Sushi’ Workshop

The annual festival’s Cookery Corner celebrates one of the most-loved Japanese dishes in the world

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Sharjah, May 06, 2023

Sushi lovers in the UAE had the opportunity to take their love of this delicious Japanese dish to the next level with the ‘Roll Your Sushi’ workshop delivered at the popular Cookery Corner of the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF), on Friday.

The workshop brought together sushi enthusiasts of all skill levels in the 4 – 14 years age group who learned the distinctive art from a group of skilled and experienced sushi chefs who guided them through the process from start to finish.

Children were taught how to spread sushi rice on sheets of nori, add fresh and healthy ingredients such as sliced cucumber, carrots, avocado and others, and roll the ingredients to create perfect little bites. Furthmore, the workshop taught attendees the different ways of rolling sushi while also highlighting the specific etiquette involved in eating it.

The event was a great opportunity for participants to learn from professional sushi chefs Rania and Limia and gain valuable culinary skills. Parents were thrilled to see the enthusiasm and interest of all the young ones who participated.

The Cookery Corner is one of the lively corners to visit in the (SCRF) 2023, an annual event which brings to Expo Center Sharjah countless informative, thrilling and educative activities for children in particular and all age groups as well.

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