Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival nurturingfuture leaders with lessons on social etiquette

The essential workshop is enabling young attendees develop valuable social skills
they will be demonstrating for the rest of their lives

For immediate release
Sharjah, May 12, 2023

The Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF 2023) has highlighted the importance of demonstrating social etiquette to leave a lasting and positive impact on people, to children visiting the 12-day event at numerous sessions of a comprehensive ‘Welcome to Social Etiquette’ workshop.

Led by renowned etiquette coach Eva Teeny, the workshop is imparting young schoolers with valuable lessons on the dos and don’ts of impact-creating social interactions, the art of self-introduction in social situations, and other related topics.

Focussed on imparting practical skills children can apply in their everyday lives, the session covered topics like why social etiquette is important, how it becomes a distinguishing characteristic of winning personalities, and how having the right attitude in social settings can leave a lasting impression on those we interact with.

From sharing tips on ways to hold polite conversations, to listening actively, to knowing and exercising good table manners that are particularly useful in formal settings, Teeny ran the participants through a comprehensive and action-oriented demonstration. She also turned their attention to dressing appropriately and using the right body language to convey confidence, respect, and interest in others.

The students, eager to put their new skills into practice, enjoyed a quick role-playing exercise to conclude the workshop.

The SCRF is an annual event and concludes its 14th annual run at Expo Centre Sharjah on Sunday. Parents are encouraged to bring their little ones to attend and learn from over 900 different workshops and activities led by experts in different fields to celebrate the theme of the festival, ‘Train your Brain’.  

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