From books to rackets: Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival goes sporty

From books to rackets: Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival goes sporty

Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival inspires children to
get active with a bouncing racket sports workshop

Sharjah, May 13, 2023

The Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF), an event that celebrates the joys of reading and encourages children to explore the world through literature, has become more inclusive and diverse than ever this year with fun sports and martial arts workshops aimed at instilling in children lifelong values like fitness, discipline, teamwork, and more.

On the weekend, Coach Daniel, a renowned trainer, took over the safe and comfortable sports workshop space at SCRF 2023, to lead a fun, insightful session on a variety of racket sports like tennis and squash.

Followed by a quick warmup, the coach demonstrated the different techniques involved in playing these sports. The young attendees followed suit, enthusiastically trying them out themselves under the watchful eye of the coach.

From holding the racket correctly to making contact with the ball, to the right stance and footwork for these sports, the session imparted valuable lessons on the basics of the sports and ended with a fun, friendly match where the kids tested their newfound skills and practiced teamwork.

The (SCRF) has been a haven for young book enthusiasts and it continues to promote a holistic approach to children’s development and learning, showcasing its commitment to education, physical activity, and health.


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