Hale’s Pro Bono Scholars Make Ivy League Dreams a Reality

Hale’s Pro Bono Scholars Make Ivy League Dreams a Reality

Along with the prestigious acceptances that Hale Education has aided in securing this year, its success is complemented by an in-built scholarship program that yielded exceptional results,   continuing to provide opportunity through educational mentorship.

The Hale Scholars program serves as a platform for high-caliber, economically disadvantaged students to pursue their dreams at Ivy League and top-tier universities by offering pro bono counseling and consultation throughout the college application cycle. This year, Dubai-based Hale Education group partnered with SYE (Syrian Youth Empowerment), a service initiative started for Grade 11 and 12 students from Syria, Palestine, and Iraq—all regions heavily impacted by prolonged political unrest and conflict. Hale worked intensively with four selected senior students in collaboration with the organization.

With Hale’s team of counselors, these students secured acceptances to Harvard, Brown, Columbia, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), Duke, Washington and Lee, and Michigan State, securing a total of approximately $1.5 million in scholarship funding.

Senior Counselor Jackson Richard spoke about how service stands at the heart of the program, “By connecting those in regions plagued by civil and economic conflict with transformative opportunities at the most elite universities, we both uplift students and promote the revitalization of their communities.”

Tibah Ali, a RISE finalist from Iraq who was accepted to Harvard College, earned a full cost of attendance scholarship at the institution, in addition to receiving the Grace Needham Pogue Scholarship and being coined a John Jay Scholar at the prestigious University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) and Columbia University, respectively. Tibah hopes to study Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Linguistics at Harvard this coming Fall.

Salman Aji and Jad Al Smail, both hailing from Syria, have gained acceptances to the esteemed Brown University, offered full rides for their four-year bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science–- known as the most difficult field to secure a seat in at the institution. Salman and Jad will both be heading to Rhode Island to pursue their higher education in the field this Fall.

Areesha Velani, another Senior Counselor supporting Hale Scholars this cycle, reflected on the invaluable experience of working with these students: “Their positive spirits and innovative minds taught us to work with empathy, kindness, and diligence. Transforming their experiences and ideas to words on paper has been an insightful journey for us.”

As the next application cycle commences and the number of applications to US-based universities continues to rise exponentially, the Hale Scholars program will continue to offer support in breaking the barriers that socioeconomic circumstances present to students’ deserving profiles and accomplishments.

To learn more about the North American college admissions process, register for a consultation or reach out to Hale Education at team@haleeducation.com.

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