Gul Khan restaurant is serving the best quality desi food to their customers in both of their branches

A spectacular 24 hours Indo-Pak restaurant serving the best desi cuisine in the town

Gul Khan restaurant is serving the best quality desi food to their customers in both of their branches

Date: Dubai, 23 May, 2023

Exclusive Brief Interview by Mr Gulraiz Zahid Khan, Founder and owner of Gul Khan Restaurant, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Mr Gulraiz Zahid Khan, is a zealous, enthusiastic and a down to earth person. He has been an epitome of courage, optimism and perseverance. By profession he is an engineer but have his heart and soul in business. A core foodie with a business mind running a restaurant so smoothly in the city of Dubai.

Why Gul Khan?

Gul Khan is a restaurant serving the authentic taste of Indo-Pak cuisine. I named the restaurant on the initial of my daughter’s name. Gul Khan name gives the full-on desi feels which is perfect for a restaurant serving the best desi cuisine in the town.

As an engineer by profession, why did you plan to invest in the F&B sector?

I am a core foodie person, especially the desi food. Being UAE born and brought up I always missed my desi cuisine, that time I decided to introduce a restaurant serving the quality desi food in the town in affordable price so that every one can enjoy the delicacies.

When did you open the restaurant and how many branches you have in total?

We open the restaurant on the occasion of the Independence Day of Pakistan which was on 14 August 2022 at Oud Maitha, and later after the success of the first branch we recently opened our second branch in Al Quasais, Dubai.

Any expansion plans for the restaurant?

Yes, we are planning to expand and extend our business in some different ways as well. Right now, I cannot disclose what exactly it is but yes very soon we will be announcing some addons and some new ventures as well.

How is the business running?

The business is running very smoothly, I would like to extent a gratitude to my customers because of them only it was possible. We have recently opened our new branch and we are looking to open something new as well very soon.

Anything which makes Gul Khan different from other desi restaurants?

Gul Khan Restaurant has a desi food served in a desi style and the customer can enjoy it in the desi ambience. The ambience is inspired by the truck art which gives the desi vibes to the customers. Also, we focus on quality and customer satisfaction. We have DIY chapli kababs as well where the customers can buy the raw chapli kabab meat and make the kababs at home according to their need and comfortability.

Any Message to the readers?

I would just like to say, Gul Khan is your own restaurant. We are ready to serve you with the best quality throughout 24 hours in both of our branches. We serve quality food in affordable price. We request you to please come and experience our services.


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