Interview with Mr.Kevin Yuan, CEO of oraimo Audio

What are the innovative features of the new headset?

First of all, FreePods 4 has superior ANC technology that can eliminate up to 30dB of noise. Dubai’s well-known tech blogger, @EMKWAN recommends it as”the best ANC earbuds for under 140 dirhams”.

Secondly, it features oraimo Sound app, which allows you to customize your sound preferences. You can choose from five EQ modes(Jazz, Vocal, Rock, HavyBass™ and Normal), adjust the touch controls, switch between noise control modes, and even find your earbuds if you lose them.

Mr.Kevin Yuan, CEO of oraimo Audio

In addition, oraimo’s exclusive HavyBass™technology to increase low-frequency for deep and powerful bass in music. Collaborated with world-class audio engineers who used to work in Harman Kardon, the sound quality is premium.

Also the Google Fast Pairing makes connecting your devices with FreePods 4 a breeze. All you have to do is open the cover of the earbuds & turn on your device’s Bluetooth and you’ll be connected in seconds. The Automatic Pop-up Window feature instantly displays useful information in real-time and allows for quick configuration on the go.

What’s more, FreePods 4 supports the Find My Device feature when used with phones and tablets running Android 6.0 or above and support Google Play service.

Lastly, the Antibacterial eartips keep your ears clean by reducing bacterial growth thereby ensuring your health is in check.

What is the working mechanism of the headphone and specially the noise cancellation?

The three main noise reduction technologies are ANC, Transparency, and 4-Mic proprietary noise reduction in calls.

Equipped with FreePods 4, stay in silence whenever you want. Advanced ANC technology can get rid of up to 30dB noise for a quiet condition.

Transparency lets in ambient sound while earbuds are in ears. Users stay aware of what is going on around them, or carry out a short conversation without removing earbuds.

4-Mic proprietary noise reduction technology, along with a Beam-forming array and AI Deep Neural Network algorithm, effectively eliminates disruptive background noise around the caller, for clear and crisp audio quality in calls.

Tell us more about the idea of designing the headphone?

The design idea behind the product is the funky hairstyle and robot. Robots symbolize greater intelligence and progressiveness (e.g. APP), black and white color schemes signify harmony and integration, and people of different skin colors/ideologies can all find common musical taste through FreePods 4.

The FreePods series, as the flagship series of oraimo audio products, is committed to creating high-end, durable and quality products.

FreePods 3 sells well currently and was one of the most important audio products in the last year. And FreePods 4 is planned to replace it.

For people who seek for ANC at affordable price, the price of FreePods 4 is half of FreePods Pro.

For people who demand good quality in calls while commuting or in noisy transportation.

For dealers, a more cost-effective TWS to choose.

For oraimo brand, expand audio catalog of ANC and lower the price for people desired ANC.

FreePods 4 is a perfect fit to young people’s lifestyle as it adds to their fashion statement. The earbuds comes with a trendy slide to open charging case which makes it convenient to open with one hand.

The design idea behind the product is the funky hairstyle and robot.

How long does it take to complete the charge ?

The headphones are completely charged in 2 hours.

Because of latest Bluetooth technology and powerful batteries, FreePods 4 can provide up to 35.5-hr music-listening in ANC off mode and 29-hr in ANC on mode.   

Is there an after sales guarantee?

1 year warranty

Tell us the about this year expansion plans in UAE & GCC ?

Q3-Q4 will launch new audio, charging and smart watch products, and this year an official e-shop will open.

oraimo will expand beyond Dubai as a base and gradually reach Iraq, Turkey, Iran and other countries. Let more people enjoy the beauty of life brought by technology and innovation as soon as possible.


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