The one-of-a-kind 2.8kg rare Ruby is to be sold to the highest bidder Post Ramadan, with an initial estimation of 120 million dollars

Dubai, UAE, April 15, 2022 – Dubai is no stranger to record-breaking achievements, so it was fitting for the Gemstones and Precious Metals Asset Management Company, SJ Gold and Diamond to choose the Emirates to launch the most exclusive and expensive collection of 12 Rough Rubies and precious gemstones – the ‘Callisto Collection’ at Waldorf Astoria Hotel in the Dubai International Financial Centre.

During the press conference held on April 15, the company raised the curtain on the most prized possession and the Crown jewel of the hour – ‘Burj Alhamal’, one of the biggest rough Ruby to make its public appearance for the first time in the market ever seen it was mined from the village of Winza in Central Tanzania.

Weighing in at a whopping 8,400 carats and 2.8kg in weight, the crown jewel (Burj Alhamal) was unveiled by the guest of honour and the renowned Hollywood actor, Tamer Hassan. This variegated purplish-red rough Ruby is currently on display in the Dubai International Financial Centre.

On the launch of the exclusive gems collection, Patrick Pilati, Managing Director of SJ Gold and Diamond said, “Today, we bring to you an amazing collection of rare and precious gemstones in the name of – ‘Callisto Collection’ comprising millions worth of hand-picked are gems along with the 12 unique rough rubies, weighing at a ginormous 236,000 carats, and this success wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of so many people. Each rough ruby, coming in diverse sizes, can be seen featured in the collection’s logo, tethered together with gold lines to form the Callisto collection’s very own constellation. We brought our resources, network, and knowledge together, and this opened the doors to the success of SJ Gold and Diamond.”

Mr. Pilati continues, “The collection was initially a single massive stone, but was later cut into 12 pieces for logistical reasons related to transportation. Today we unveil the star of the collection, which we called ‘Aries’ or ‘Burj Alhamal’, a rough ruby of 8,400 carats weighing a whopping 2.8kg. Unveiling this one-of-a-kind stone to the public for bidding is a clear continuation of our dedication to showcasing the best of the best in the UAE,”.

Founded in 2017, the DMCC licensed SJ Gold and Diamond has already become one of the world’s leading metal and mineral asset management firms, managing assets worth $4 billion, right from exclusive gemstones, uncut and polished, to gold (processed and unprocessed) in the ultra-high net worth segment.

The newly launched ‘Callisto Collection’ showcases rare, treasures from the most unique locations across the world. Named after the famous Arcadian Nymph – Callisto of Greek Mythology, this exclusive collection is an everlasting ode to timeless beauty.

This record-smashing one-of-a-kind rare Ruby (‘Burj Alhamal’) is scheduled to be auctioned post-Ramadan and will be sold to the highest bidder in Dubai. It has been estimated that it will go for around 120 million dollars (AED 432 million) at minimum.

SJ Gold and Diamond also announced a partnership and cooperation with Tabarak Investment Bank, during the launch event, which will contribute to facilitating the buying and selling operations for customers.



The Callisto Collection showcases rare, hidden treasures from across the world. Each gem and diamond tell a story that has never been presented before to mankind. 

Its namesake, Callisto, lies in Greek Mythology. Callisto was a stunning nymph who enraptured the heart of Zeus, God of the sky. His wife, Hera, didn’t take too kindly to his sentiments and transformed Callisto into a bear. Before her final moments, Callisto was set free as Ursa Major or “The Great Bear” constellation. Thus, her story became an everlasting ode to timeless beauty, akin to the gems in our collection.

The Crown Jewel of the collection are 12 unique rough rubies, a total of 236,000 carats, discovered in Tanzania and hidden for 10 years. Each rough ruby, coming in diverse sizes, is represented in the collection’s logo, tethered together by gold lines to form our very own constellation.


SJ Gold and Diamond started in 2017, with a dream of trading in rough diamonds and gold. Today, it goes far beyond this and is an established Mineral Metal Asset Management firm.

We’re here to be a part of your asset management journey, from procuring the rarest of precious stones to managing scintillating raw gold. Our clientele is diverse and spread across the globe, covering private owners to mining corporations.

In essence, we manage your rough diamonds, gemstones, and gold, and advise you on how best to use these assets—whether to sell now or park them for the future. As a central location in the world’s landscape, there’s no better place than Dubai to make the most of your investment.

One of our core pillars is transparency. In a space where secrecy is the norm, we’re changing the game with a penchant for honesty and integrity. We invite you to join us as we manage and unveil the rarest treasures known to mankind.

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