International Yoga Day Celebrations Begin In UAE With Full-Moon Yoga On Helipad, Yoga For Industrial Workers

International Yoga Day Celebrations Begin In UAE With Full-Moon Yoga On Helipad, Yoga For Industrial Workers

  • Organized by VPS Healthcare, over 2,000 people are expected to attend the sessions and events across the three Emirates
  • This will complement celebrations of the International Day of Yoga in the UAE says Indian Ambassador to the UAE

Abu Dhabi: Taking part in a full-moon yoga session at night is something Archana Gupta always wanted to do. On Tuesday, this homemaker was glad to cross it off her bucket list after she got a chance to participate in the full-moon yoga session during the strawberry supermoon night organized by VPS Healthcare on the helipad of its flagship facility – Burjeel Medical City. As many as 35 participants took part in the unique yoga session set against the backdrop of the stunning Abu Dhabi skyline.

“I looked forward to admiring the strawberry supermoon while practicing yoga. Although I was a bit disappointed that the moon remained hidden behind the clouds during the session, I am glad that I could participate in this event at night. It was a soothing experience,” said Archana.

The full-moon yoga session is part of a series of yoga workshops being organized by VPS Healthcare ahead of the International Day of Yoga.

“We planned to host this event at night as it was a rare opportunity that would enable people to experience yoga in a different setting. It turned out to be an energizing session that helped the participants feel rejuvenated,” said John Sunil, Regional CEO of Burjeel Hospitals.

Earlier in the day, the healthcare group also organized a yoga session at Lifecare Hospital, Musaffah, for industrial workers with popular asanas and breathing exercises.

“I was happy to take part in this special yoga session. It was a new experience for me. I learned some techniques that I can practice daily to feel refreshed,” said Saidu Ramulu, a site supervisor.

The program ‘YogaFest’ is being conducted by the organization for the public across its facilities in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, and Sharjah. The daily sunrise yoga sessions throughout the week are part of the group’s community health and wellness-oriented initiatives with an aim to encourage people to apply the benefits of yoga to their daily lives. Over 2,000 people are expected to attend the sessions and events across the three Emirates.

Apart from its weekly yoga sessions, VPS Healthcare and Burjeel Hospitals will associate with The Indian Embassy and Abu Dhabi Sports Council to organize a mass yoga event that is expected to be attended by more than 6,000 people. The event, which will be held on June 21 (International Yoga Day) at Abu Dhabi Cricket Stadium, will be one of the biggest yoga programs organized in the UAE this year.

“Yoga is the union of the mind, body, and soul. At the heart of Yoga is oneness with the universal consciousness. This year’s theme, ‘Yoga for Humanity’, captures the essence of this message. Burjeel’s efforts are commendable and a great service to those seeking a better quality of life – more healthy and stress-free life. They complement celebrations of International Day of Yoga in the UAE, which are being organized at an unprecedented scale this year on June 21,” said Sanjay Sudhir, the Indian Ambassador to the UAE.

Well-known yoga guru and Burjeel Hospital yoga specialist Lokesh Hegde will conduct the yoga sessions for the public at VPS Healthcare facilities.

“Yoga is a practice that has obvious fitness and cardiovascular benefits. But its benefits go beyond the physical.  It helps us focus inwards and become mindful. It enables us to become more aware of how our body feels. In the run-up to the International Yoga Day, we will hold sessions that will help people connect with themselves while also reinforcing better breathing and improving their flexibility,” said Mr. Hegde.

Mr. Hegde is a Yogic Sciences master’s degree holder who has trained more than 20,000 yoga enthusiasts around the globe. He is known for his stress transformation program. Recently, he conducted sunrise yoga sessions for the participants of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos.

The public can register for the sessions and events through the websites and social media handles of Burjeel, Medeor, LLH and Lifecare hospitals.


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