Yango Deli Tech enters UAE market to empower retailers with latest technologies, innovation, and expertise

Yango Deli Tech enters UAE market to empower retailers with latest technologies, innovation, and expertise

GCC’s newest Q/E-commerce SaaS brand brings smart tech to help with transition and to empower online trade.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 14 December 2022 — Yango Deli Tech, a global tech company that provides proprietary technologies and expertise for retailers as well as Q-Commerce, goes live across the GCC. The company assists traditional retailers and marketplaces to transition from a brick-and-mortar format to an online business model, significantly improving fulfilment and delivery processes while also enhancing operational effectiveness. The tech stack was proven earlier at a scale of profitable rapid grocery delivery business with over 450 dark stores.

Yango Deli Tech can benefit retailers, Q-commerce, and marketplaces, enabling these companies to deliver goods on-time and in-full, in turn raising profitability and overall efficiency. For traditional businesses, this means an opportunity to advance the current business model from offline to online, at the same time avoiding unnecessary costs of maintaining non-core functions. Yango Deli Tech’s tech stack allows businesses to scale faster, leapfrogging the competition. It supports a variety of delivery options, including ultra-fast delivery, and is also suitable for different types of client’s interfaces.

The tech stack includes a variety of solutions for fulfilment, commerce, delivery, client experience and analytics. Among the proprietary technologies are warehouse management systems (WMS) and assortment management (ERP), stock tracking and product replenishment, technologies for assigning orders to couriers, smart routing solutions, as well as applications for customers, pickers and couriers. All of this helps businesses to achieve 99,9% stock accuracy, reduce write offs and useless mileage, enhance customer experience and as a result improve unit economics. The platform also provides live business intelligence dashboards to pivot and make informed business decisions. According to company’s estimations, by opting for this solution, companies in general can reduce error rates by 15%, and their cancellation rates by 35% – translating to revenue growth for the business.

Commenting on the launch, Max Avtukhov, CEO of Yango Deli Tech said, “Rapidly changing consumer spending habits and evolving customer preferences is leading to a great shift in the way businesses in retail and e-commerce sphere operate. Technology is a key enabler in this transition.  As grocers seek to adapt, technology solutions, such as ours, will help them streamline their operations, improve customer experience and operational efficiency as well as unlock new opportunities for growth and expansion, all the while keeping in mind the surge towards convenience and safety.”

The MENA E-Grocery market is presently anticipated to be worth USD 25 billion over time, with room for additional expansion and growth. According to the company’s estimations, in Dubai it is expected that the number of daily deliveries can be doubled at a minimum. In addition to that e-commerce penetration in the Middle East accounts for around 4% making the most advanced technologies a growth driver for further expansion of the market share.

To learn more about Yango Deli’s Tech solutions and request a demo, please visit https://yango.com/delitech

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