Melodica Music Centre puts on dazzling performances at School and Nursery Show at Sharjah

Melodica Music Centre puts on dazzling performances at School and Nursery Show at Sharjah

Sharjah, December 19, 2022: Melodica Music Centre, the region’s leading institute for music and dance, recently participated in the School and Nursery Show held at Sharjah, along with several other schools from Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. The participation came in line with the institute’s vision of expanding its students’ enrolments and encouraging increased engagement in the performing arts. The show offered Melodica Music Centre the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other schools, with an aim to offer music and dance lessons within the school premises.

During the show, Melodica Music Centre networked with prominent schools and its principals, and explored future avenues to collaborate with the schools in upcoming events. As part of their effort, the institute advised interested parents on lessons in the performing arts and showcased their services to students.

Exceptional performances were featured in the event, such as musical pieces on the piano. Melodica Music Centre is under a long-term contract with the School and Nursery Show, which has witnessed outstanding accomplishments in organising and gathering numerous schools under one roof to examine and analyse the future of education.


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